Ubuntu Server development summary – 19 June 2018

The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and highlights for any interesting subjects from the Ubuntu Server Team. If you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at the #ubuntu-server channel on Freenode. Alternatively, you can sign up and use the Ubuntu Server Team mailing list.


  • Upload to Ubuntu Cosmic
  • Ensure OpenstackLocal should not probe metadata on EC2
  • Fix LXC 3.1 collision with pre-existing lxdbr0
  • Add preserve-instance parameter to integration tests to keep instances alive after test
  • Enhance and clean up integration test output
  • Fix utf-8 characters in #cloud-config (LP: #1768600)
  • Fix salt_minion failures on Ubuntu Bionic (LP: #1769754)
  • Fix network MTU configuration for devices and subnets (LP: #1774666)
  • stages: fix tracebacks if a module stage is undefined or empty [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1770462)


  • Fix network MTU tests for Ubuntu Artful and newer

Ubuntu Manpage Repository

The Ubuntu Manpage Repository was recently updated with a number of fixes to the UI, including changes to the font to be monospaced for easier reading and fixes to the line lengths.

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Bug Work and Triage

Ubuntu Server Packages

Below is a summary of uploads to the development and supported releases. Current status of the Debian to Ubuntu merges is tracked on the Merge-o-Matic page. For a full list of recent merges with change logs please see the Ubuntu Server report.

Proposed Uploads to the Supported Releases

Please consider testing the following by enabling proposed, checking packages for update regressions, and making sure to mark affected bugs verified as fixed.

Total: 13

Uploads Released to the Supported Releases

Total: 24

Uploads to the Development Release

Total: 21