Issue #2019.07.22 – Kubeflow and Conferences, 2019

  • Kubeflow at OSCON 2019 – Over 10 sessions! Covering security, pipelines, productivity, ML ops and more. Some of the sessions are led by end-users, which means you’ll get the real deal about using Kubeflow in your production solution
  • Kubeflow at KubeCon Europe 2019 in Barcelona – The top Kubeflow events from Kubecon in Barcelona, 2019. Tutorials, Pipelines, and Kubeflow 1.0 ruminations. The discussion on when Kubeflow will reach 1.0 should be of interest to those waiting for that milestone.
  • Kubeflow Contributor Summit 2019 – Presentations and Slide decks, 22+ of them. Reviewing them will help you understand how the sausage is made. One of the interesting videos focuses on a panel discussion with machine learning practitioners and experts discussing the dynamics of machine learning at their workplace.
  • Kubeflow events calendar – Find a past or future event. This is a great resource for reviewing content from community leaders and leveling up on the current state of Kubeflow. If you are aware of something that is missing, feel free to add the content through github – become a community member! 
  • Use Case Spotlight: IBM’s photo-scraping scandal shows what a weird bubble AI researchers live in. This bubble is all about data – who owns it, who can monopolize it, who is monetizing it, and what the expectations around it. The expectations is the crux of the issue – people using the data may be at odds with the people supplying the data.
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