Issue #2019.07.29 – Kubeflow Releases so far (0.5, 0.4, 0.3)

  • Kubeflow 0.5 simplifies model development with enhanced UI and Fairing library – The 2019 Q1 release of Kubeflow goes broader and deeper with release 0.5. Give your Jupyter notebooks a boost with the redesigned notebook app. Get nerdy with the new kfctl command line tool. Power to the people – use your favourite python IDE and send your model to a Kubeflow cluster using the Fairing python library. More training tools added as well, with an example of XGBoost and Fairing.
  • Kubeflow 0.4 Release: Enhancements for Machine Learning productivity – The 2018 Q4 release will supercharge your productivity! Fairing, a python library to keep you in python code, hits alpha. Katib – the necessary hyperparameter tool for production ready models – adds support for TFjob. Jupyter notebook CRD – you can create a notebook from the command line. Kubeflow Pipelines! With pipelines, you can codify your workflows, removing boilerplate drudgery, adding hours back to your life every week.
  • Kubeflow 0.3 Simplifies Setup & Improves ML Development – The 2018 Q3 release (see the pattern with releases?) sees the beginning of expanded options for training and serving. Kubeflow PyTorch and Chainer CRDs expand the model training options. Katib, hits alpha. Kubebench, a too for benchmarking, will assist you in assessing your hardware. Tensorflow Data Validation, part of TFX, added to Kubeflow Jupyter images. Model serving improvements through TF Serving and Nvidia’s TensorRT Inference Server
  • Use Case Spotlight: AI in medicine – deriving intelligence from a sea of data – This article shows the power of what one person with passion can do to make an impact. Read this inspiring article about how an AI expert took on his toughest project ever: writing code to save his son’s life.

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