The Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Pre-release Survey

In what is becoming an incredibly insightful tradition, we have built a 5 to 10-minute survey to collect direct feedback from as many operating system users as we can. Not just those on Ubuntu desktop but also those using Ubuntu server and Ubuntu in the cloud. Before our last LTS release, we sent out a call to action for developers to tell us how can we make Ubuntu better. Today, we would like to ask our broader community for similar feedback. With our next LTS release on the horizon, there is still time to influence the final picture and Ubuntu’s future roadmap. And not just for 20.04, but beyond. The results here will be used to inform decisions for several releases to come. But like all new things, its success ultimately depends on the user. You.

Throughout the development process, our teams are in the various forums and threads, listening to your feedback to help inform our decision making. Our engineers themselves are incredibly passionate about Linux, and the Ubuntu community in general, and our decision-making process will always revolve around this fact.

But in the run-up to something big like an LTS release, is it possible we find ourselves lost in an Ubuntu bubble? Are there developments in open source or trends on a level that we’re just not seeing? And if so, what are they?

Hopefully, with this survey, we’ll find out one way or another. We want to know your thoughts, your feedback, your frustrations and your stories. If you use Ubuntu, that’s great; we want to understand how and why? If there are certain things you like or certain things you dislike, we want to know. If we’re missing some feature you need for work, or you wish we would do something differently, we want to know. We hope this survey can give you the chance to tell us the whys and give us suggestions that we can action going forward. If you don’t use Ubuntu, that’s fine too; we want to know why, what you know about Ubuntu, and how we could move you to make the change.

Ubuntu is built out of passion, and a love of open-source. Our mission is to make open-source software available to everyone and to fuel innovation by giving innovators the technology they need. Of course, to do this, we need your involvement. The survey will take responses for a month and a day, until January 10th, then we will close and analyse the results. Once the results are in and we have extrapolated our findings in a meaningful/presentable way, we will publish the results for all to see.

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