Ubuntu wants to code the future of Italy

When is CodeMotion Rome 2020: November 24th-26th
Location: virtual Italian space
Booth: Canonical / Ubuntu

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In a year of challenges and changing times, the community gets closer and starts gathering in a different way.  From face to face meet-ups, we moved everything virtually and CodeMotion is not an exception. Made by developers for developers, it is an event where participants are used to meet and code the future of the world. Well, who said that this has changed?

Canonical will give a series of technical talks to learn more about Kubernetes, AI, and big data pipelines on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu and Canonical at CodeMotion Rome 2020

Lorenzo Cavassa, field engineer at Canonical will demonstrate how to use MicroK8s and Kubeflow, in order to build a reliable environment for any artificial intelligence project.

Here is a teaser of his presentation:

  • Kubeflow on Ubuntu: a fully integrated stack for Machine Learning, from data ingestion to training and serving
  • MicroK8s: Canonical’s solution to cover edge cloud use cases. It is a lightweight, opinionated, zero-ops Kubernetes for micro cloud clusters and IoT. 
  • Bringing the best of both worlds together: Kubeflow on MicroK8s, the easiest way to deploy a production-ready Machine Learning pipeline.

Join Lorenzo at CodeMotion Rome 2020.

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Talk Ubuntu at Canonical’s  virtual booth

WhiCodeMotion Rome, come and visit the booth to:

  • Meet the team behind Ubuntu and discover all the technologies that can be deployed on it.
  • Discover how Canonical supports Ubuntu, Kubernetes, open infrastructure and a number of open source applications for enterprises.
  • Ask all the questions you have about Ubuntu 20.10, the latest Ubuntu release.
  • Discover how you can join the Ubuntu and Canonical community in Italy.

We cannot wait to meet you and tell you more about Ubuntu. Want to skip the queue? Book a meeting with us!

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