Ubuntu does Kubernetes

Kubernetes: the tech industry has become pretty well versed in talking about what has become one of the biggest technology trends in the past few years with most claiming some involvement in it. Canonical also does Kubernetes, but not in a ‘me too!’ kind of way. The Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes (CDK) is pure upstream […]

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Financial services: escaping the burning platform

The financial services industry is standing on a burning platform, it’s time to jump to safety or suffer the consequences. The platform in this picture is the legacy infrastructure that dominates their IT organisations. From ageing servers and a dwindling workforce that’s even capable of running these monoliths, the pressure to change, for many, would […]

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Robots that run Ubuntu

The home for innovators, Ubuntu is a place where developers can create what previously lived solely in the realms of fiction. The internet of things, the cloud, and robots are world changing technologies and they’re all running Ubuntu. With an estimated worldwide spending figure of $103bn by 2020, according to IDC, the field of robotics […]

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What is multi-cloud?

Tech companies, Canonical included, have a problem. That problem is living in buzzwords and jargon, and then assuming everyone knows what we are talking about. At Canonical we call them ‘Canonicalisms’, other companies have their own names for it. Whilst we can joke about it, this over-reliance on jargon is a genuine barrier to our […]

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