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Canonical enables Linux desktop app support with Flutter

By Chris Sells (Google) & Ken VanDine (Canonical) Google’s goal for Flutter has always been to provide a portable framework for building beautiful UIs that run at native speeds no matter what platform you target. To validate this capability, we started by focusing on the mobile platforms, Android and iOS, where we’ve seen more than […]

Lessons learned from 100+ private cloud builds

Building a private cloud based on OpenStack has typically been a complex process with uncertain build costs based on time and materials requiring specialised expertise and low-level Linux OS knowledge. To help enterprises overcome these challenges,Canonical offers Private Cloud Build to provide businesses with a fully deployed OpenStack delivered in as little as two weeks […]

A shift to the Linux app store experience

Linux software developers historically have faced a number of challenges including fragmentation, distribution complexity and a lack of metrics into the success of their applications. Once an application is built, the journey does not end there – for companies and individual developers creating apps, thought needs to be given to promoting their software for maximum […]

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Samsung announce Linux on DeX with Ubuntu: for developers on the move

The Samsung Developer Conference, held this week in San Francisco, brings creators together to discover and learn about the latest technologies in Samsung’s portfolio and further afield. One of the technologies showcased, following the initial demo in 2017, is Samsung’s Linux on DeX. Samsung DeX, launched last year, lets users of Samsung flagship Galaxy devices […]

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TiVo en México, gadget con Linux

Bueno, pues buscando el mejor servicio de tv de paga que me sirva, entretenga y no me desfalque encontre que Cablevision ofrece el TiVo…. y yo había oido de eso solo en una película. Investigando, encontré que es un DVR, con Linux, que se conecta en vez de tu aparato de cable y sintoniza, ademas
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