Issue #2019.08.05 – Kubeflow 0.6 Release

  • Kubeflow v0.6: support for artifact tracking, data versioning & multi-user – version 0.6 includes several enterprise features to support multiple users and better model training pipelines. For multiple users, Kubeflow v0.6 provides a flexible architecture for user isolation and single sign-on. For data, enhancements have been added to Kubeflow Pipelines and jupyter. In total, over 250+ merged pull requests!
  • Kubeflow Components and Pipelines – This is a useful article that demonstrates how to build pipelines, how to create and use components, and how to leverage them inside of notebooks. Specifically, how to run pipelines and experiments inside of a Notebook. The article also includes easy to understand, ready to use examples.
  • Use Case Spotlight – The world’s most-advanced AI can’t tell what’s in these photos. Can you? A useful exploration into the the current limits of AI in visual recognition. Researchers from UC Berkeley, the University of Washington, and the University of Chicago are building the ultimate archive of photos that confuse AI. AI is judged by its answers .. we can get all sorts of unexpected bias from AI. This poses a major problem when AI systems are being used in technology like autonomous cars or fields like criminal justice.

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