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Telecom AI: a guide for data teams

Data is the new oil, and Artificial Intelligence is the way to monetize it. According to an IDC report, Artificial Intelligence (AI), alongside 5G, IoT, and cloud computing, is one of the technologies reshaping the telecom industry. From data-driven decisions to fully automated and self-healing networks, AI developments are accelerating innovation and driving costs of […]

A ‘Connected’ Bank – The power of data and analytics

The next 10 years will redefine banking. What will differentiate top banks from their competitors? Data and derived insights. Banks across the globe have been immersed in their digital agenda and with customers adopting digital banking channels aggressively, banks are collecting massive volumes of data on how customers are interacting at various touch points. Apart […]

OVHcloud drives flash storage strategy with LXD

With more than 1.5 million global customers – including Sainsburys and Michelin – OVHcloud is Europe’s largest cloud computing provider, and the third largest web hosting company in the world. It goes without saying that storage is mission critical for an organisation like OVHcloud, but finding a solution that was compatible with their existing software […]

How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Ubuntu – Hardware and software considerations

A few days ago, Rhys Davies wrote a timely article, titled Why you should upgrade to Ubuntu. In it, he outlined a high-level overview of what the end of support of Windows 7 signifies for the typical user, the consideration – and advantages – of migrating to Ubuntu as an alternative, and the basic steps […]

Monitoring at the edge with MicroK8s

One of the benefits of the internet of things is the feedback loop created between operators and connected devices. Instrumented devices communicate sensor data to operators, who monitor the data, take actions and elicit further control decisions. To leverage the benefit of such control feedback loops in IoT deployments, it is therefore necessary to have […]

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